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Yoga Website Design & 10 Video Marketing Methods

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

We have just launched our new website dedicated to Marketing Yoga Professionals looking to market and grow their business online. Check out our latest promo video for the Yoga website below.

Would you like a Promo Video like this for your website and service? Your team at Smartflex Solutions will help you put together an original video marketing you and your service.

Here are 10 Video Marketing Methods that will help drive traffic to your website and generate potential sales:

  1. Put it on the Front Page of your website. It’s easy. We’ll show you how.
  2. Add it to Facebook and share it with your friends and community.
  3. Use it as an attachment in an email to your opt-in subscribers.
  4. Upload it straight to YouTube and watch it go viral.
  5. This makes a great item to link to from your Twitter Posts. Very cool indeed.
  6. Wouldn’t this be a great to have as a link on your LinkedIn Profile? We think so.
  7. If you’ve got a Flickr page, and you should, Flickr now allows you to up load video as well as photos.
  8. Simply do what we’re doing here and make it a post for your Blog Page… you’ve got a Blog don’t you?
  9. Maybe you could share it on your MySpace Account… if you’ve still got one and can remember the password.
  10. Now this next one is kinda Top Secret… have you heard of Add this video to Tube Mogul and watch it go viral.

Contact us for more info on getting started with video marketing.