Social Media – robots like it too.

Guess who’s checking out your Tweets and reading your Facebook business page these days – Googlebot, the automated system Google uses for collecting information from the web.

Googlebot is looking at your posts and tweets to see what keywords you use, how consistently you communicate with your audience – even the friends and followers you have.

And Googlebot is not alone, other robots from other search engines are also looking at social media – and that includes other networks like Google+ and LinkedIn. These different channels are being considered when a search engine decides who gets the top spot for a search.
In fact, the network Google+ has received some attention recently because it’s postings seeming to have extra weight with Google searches.

TIP: Don’t get lazy! Posting the same thing to different social media sites is not the best idea.

Feel free to post about the same topic – but change the wording. Search engines like to see a variety of content and people (yes, we still care about people too) don’t like to see things that look out of place (like posting your Tweet to your Facebook page).

Happy Posting!

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