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Using Viral Video to Boost Sales To Your Website

Friday, February 12th, 2010

From a recent article on tited “Using Viral Video to Boost Sales”

When it comes to explaining what your company does, video often speaks louder than words. YouTube demos featuring seemingly mundane products such as blenders and mattresses have attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers online. And getting noticed doesn’t require slick production from a professional studio. Even a company on a shoestring budget, using just a basic camera and simple editing software, can produce an entertaining demo that reaches thousands of prospective customers.

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Smartflex is a huge fan and implementor of using video for marketing and driving traffic to our website and our client websites. It’s a good idea to use numerous types of video to promote your service or product for marketing your website and getting results.

  • We like PowerPoint or Keynote Videos with a Voiceover like this one.
  • We also like Animated Photo videos with text like this one.
  • Of course, you could always make New-School Presentations like this one too.
  • Maybe even consider putting Yourself on Camera like this one.

The great thing about any of the above ideas is that they are EASY to do and cost very little to get started.

Need help getting up and running with Video for Marketing Your Website Profitably? Smartflex can help. Contact Us.

What Happens in Vegas Stays…. On Facebook!

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Yes, it is worth your next 4 minutes and 22 seconds to watch this video and see the impact social media is having on the WORLD around you. Are you in the game? Do you want to be?

Let Smartflex Solutions show you how to maximize your social media presence in the least amount of time.

We build websites that integrate social media marketing to get you leads, sales and results.

Yoga Website Design & 10 Video Marketing Methods

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

We have just launched our new website dedicated to Marketing Yoga Professionals looking to market and grow their business online. Check out our latest promo video for the Yoga website below.

Would you like a Promo Video like this for your website and service? Your team at Smartflex Solutions will help you put together an original video marketing you and your service.

Here are 10 Video Marketing Methods that will help drive traffic to your website and generate potential sales:

  1. Put it on the Front Page of your website. It’s easy. We’ll show you how.
  2. Add it to Facebook and share it with your friends and community.
  3. Use it as an attachment in an email to your opt-in subscribers.
  4. Upload it straight to YouTube and watch it go viral.
  5. This makes a great item to link to from your Twitter Posts. Very cool indeed.
  6. Wouldn’t this be a great to have as a link on your LinkedIn Profile? We think so.
  7. If you’ve got a Flickr page, and you should, Flickr now allows you to up load video as well as photos.
  8. Simply do what we’re doing here and make it a post for your Blog Page… you’ve got a Blog don’t you?
  9. Maybe you could share it on your MySpace Account… if you’ve still got one and can remember the password.
  10. Now this next one is kinda Top Secret… have you heard of Add this video to Tube Mogul and watch it go viral.

Contact us for more info on getting started with video marketing.

Make Your Business and Life The Best It Can Be

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

We don’t care that Hancock sucked and that the Fresh Prince is no Fiddy Cent… this video sums it all up for entrepreneurs, business people, marketers, professionals… ANYONE. If you feel like we do and know that you are here for a bigger purpose then you will totally connect with this video below. In under 10 minutes you will gain a greater appreciation for an actor and philosophy we admire and respect here at Smartflex.

So… like Wil says, “Get To Beatin’ On Your Craft!”