8 steps to improve Password Security and Why it is Important

It seems you can hardly listen to the news without hearing about a new hacking attack that has damaged a major business, hurt their customers, and disrupted life for all involved.  Target, Neiman Marcus, The UPS store, Sony, and eBay are just a few of the high profile business that have been hit by devastating […]


Google Kills the Authorship Tag

Google has never been one to hesitate to admit they were wrong.  In fact, it seems safe to say that Google looks at everything they do as an experiment, and when those experiments do not produce results they find acceptable, they do not hesitate to kill the project.  It has gone that direction with a […]


background of a directory yellow pages  and marker

Some Business Directories matter ALOT – most, not so much.

Being listed on Google Places (Maps) is a requirement if you want your business to be found by someone with an Android phone – not a big surprise there, Google makes Android. But did you know – the local maps used by Facebook are powered by Microsoft’s Bing Business Portal?


'Social media' highlighted in green

Social Media – robots like it too.

Guess who’s checking out your Tweets and reading your Facebook business page these days – the Googlebot, the automated system Google uses for collecting information from the web. Googlebot is looking at your posts and tweets to see what keywords you use, how consistently you communicate with your audience – even how many friends or followers your have.


Facebook Fan Page Website Design

Facebook Fan Page Website Design

Here are 400 Million Reasons to get a Facebook Fan Page NOW! Before your competition does.

And we don’t just mean get just any Fan Page Website. You need to stand out in your crowded marketplace and be competitive and actually monetize Facebook. We’ll show you how.

Take a look at FanPageWebsites.com and then ask yourself, “What Would Be Possible For My business with a Fan Page Website?”



SEO Best Practices

Optimizing your website or blog to get higher search engine rankings doesn’t have to be a mystery. While it’s true that this field changes quickly, there are a number of current SEO best practices you can easily implement now to help you get the readership you deserve, without trying to cheat or trick the search engines.



More Leads For Less Money with Social Media

It’s no doubt that Social Media Marketing is having cost effective results on turning prospects into leads for companies and small businesses that are incorporating social media applications like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Linkedin as part of their overall marketing strategy.



Using Viral Video to Boost Sales To Your Website

When it comes to explaining what your company does, video often speaks louder than words. YouTube demos featuring seemingly mundane products such as blenders and mattresses have attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers online. And getting noticed doesn’t require slick production from a professional studio. Even a company on a shoestring budget, using just a basic camera and simple editing software, can produce an entertaining demo that reaches thousands of prospective customers.



What Happens in Vegas Stays…. On Facebook!

Yes, it is worth your next 4 minutes and 22 seconds to watch this video and see the impact social media is having on the WORLD around you. Are you in the game? Do you want to be? Let Smartflex Solutions show you how to maximize your social media presence in the least amount of […]



Yoga Website Design & 10 Video Marketing Methods

We have just launched our new website dedicated to Marketing Yoga Professionals looking to market and grow their business online. Check out our latest promo video for the Yoga website below. Would you like a Promo Video like this for your website and service? Your team at Smartflex Solutions will help you put together an […]